Practical Information on Electric Vehicles

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If you have never driven an electric car, you should try it in a friend's car or dealer test drive real soon. Of course, they are very quiet. The acceleration is outstanding due to the high torque nature of an electric motor at low rpms.

A big bonus is that unlike gasoline cars, there is little wasted fuel economy for quick starts. This is due to the low end torque, and not running through a series of lower gears with an engine running at high rpm. So when you need it to get into the flow of fast moving traffic, push the pedal down and go for it. Just like gasoline cars, high speeds substantially lower the fuel economy and reduce range. So on long trips on the highway the range will be less than the EPA rating.

Regenerative braking saves big time on fuel. Just like with a gas car, going uphill uses lots of fuel. However coming back down the battery regains fuel. And, in the process, the control of an electric vehicle coming down a steep windy road is fantastic. Fuel economy is also excellent in slow moving traffic.



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