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Sacramento, California   December, 2022

California Investing $2.9 Billion to double number of public EV chargers

The California Energy Commission (CEC) will spend $2.9 billion to accelerate the state's zero-emission transportation strategy. It estimated the plan would result in California building about 90,000 new chargers over the next four years, a move that would more than double the number of chargers available across the state.

About $900 million will go toward chargers designed for light-duty EVs, with another $1.7 billion earmarked for infrastructure that supports medium and heavy-duty zero-emissions vehicles, including those powered by hydrogen fuel cells. When you add in funding from utilities and other programs, the commission says it expects California to hit its goal of deploying 250,000 chargers by 2025..


France   November, 2022

Video - France mandates that all large parking lots be covered with solar panels

The French Senate has approved a bill that requires parking lots with a minimum of 80 spaces be covered by solar panels. Parking lots with between 80-400 spaces will have five years starting in July 2023 to be in compliance. Any larger lots will have less time, only three years from the same date. In all cases, at least half the area of the parking lot must be covered with solar panels.

Forbes Article - France requiring that all parking lots be covered with solar panels


Louisville, Colorado   November, 2022

Louisville, Colorado moves to ban new gas stations

The town of Louisville, Colorado (located between Denver and Boulder) enacts ’emergency’ ban on new gas stations; initiative seeks to make move permanent.


Sonoma County, California   June, 2022

Coalition Opposing New Gas Stations

Sonoma County in northern California leads the nation in prohibiting construction of new gasoline stations. So far four cities in the county have adopted bans: Petaluma, Rohnert Park, Sebastopol, and Cotati. Similar bans are under consideration in the cities of Windsor and Santa Rosa.


Los Angeles, California   June, 2022

Los Angeles may ban new gas stations to help combat climate emergency

Los Angeles could become the largest city to prohibit the construction of new gas stations, joining a movement that seeks to limit fossil fuels at the local level as part of efforts to combat the climate crisis. Officials in America’s second largest city, along with Bethlehem, New York, and Comox valley regional district, British Columbia, said on Wednesday morning that they were working on policies to stop the development of new fossil fuel infrastructure.


New York State law will ban all new gas-powered car sales by 2035.   September, 2021

New York State bans new fossil fuel powered car sales

In September, 2021 New York State passed a law that will ban all new gas-powered car sales by 2035. The move will help reduce the state's greenhouse gas emissions by 35 percent and help it achieve its climate targets, including an 85 reduction in GHG emissions by 2050. The law also requires all medium- and heavy-duty vehicles sold in New York to be emissions-free by 2045.


New homes and busnesses in England are required to include EV charging points.   November 22, 2021

New homes in England must have electric vehicle charging points - CNBC

Under regulations enacted in November, 2021 all new homes being constructed in England are required to include EV charging points. This applies to some businesses as well, such as places of work and supermarkets. This is the kind of forward thinking planning that the US needs to adopt.

New homes in England must have electric vehicle charging points - BBC


December, 2021     US Joint Office of Energy and Transportation

US Secretary of Transportation Buttigieg and US Department of Energy Secretary Granholm traveled to RS Automotive in Takoma Park, Maryland to make the announcement of the Joint Office of Energy and Transportation, a direct result of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to establish a national network of 500,000 electric vehicle chargers.


"Gas Stations are Fueling the Climate Crisis"   Coltura for a Gasoline Free Amarica

Gas Stations are Fueling the Climate Crisis

There are over 130,000 gas stations across the United States. They are the last link in the chain connecting the oil field and the gas-powered vehicles on our streets. Every gallon of gasoline sold adds 20 lbs of carbon dioxide to our atmosphere. Collectively, Americans consumed 142 billion gallons of gasoline in 2019, producing 1.42 billion tons of CO2.


Editorial By Bill McKibben, New Yorker Magazine , March 2021

Do We Actually Need More Gas Stations?

"So far, no big enterprise that I know of has been willing to sacrifice any profit to move us in the direction we must go: not Costco, with its gas stations; not JPMorgan Chase, with its lending window still open to oil companies; certainly not ExxonMobil or Chevron, with their plans for more drilling. And each year the carbon level in the atmosphere keeps rising. If we're going to change, someone is going to have to actually make a change."


Editorial May 5, 2021 By Rick Tannenbaum

Municipalities Should Consider Moratoriums on Future Gas Pumps

President Biden's $2 trillion infrastructure plan is aimed at tackling climate change in part by spending up to $174 billion to encourage Americans to switch to cars and trucks that run on electricity, not gasoline or diesel. A recent study by Boston Consulting Group reported that 25 percent of traditional gas stations nationwide face closure by 2035. While not everyone will be able to afford to make the switch to electrics in the short run (and others may choose not to), consideration must be given to the future utility and environmental issues surrounding existing and future gasoline service stations. 80 percent of gasoline stations across the country could become unprofitable due to the switch to EVs.    


Calistoga, California    November 17, 2021

The City of Calistoga to adopt an ordinance banning future gas stations

The City of Calistoga is poised to adopt an ordinance banning future gas stations within city limits. On Tuesday, the city council unanimously agreed with the planning commission's decision Nov. 17 to allow for the continued operation of the city's three existing gas stations, but prohibit future fossil fuel gas stations.


August 6, 2021

Sebastopol, California is considering a ban on new gasoline stations

Sebastopol, California, the small west Sonoma county town with a taste for progressive politics, is considering a ban on new gasoline stations - with just three serving a population of about 7,700 at an intersection of two state highways.


March 29, 2021

Federal Government must standardize DC Fast Charging

An announcement from EV startup Rivian that they are planning a proprietary network of fast chargers for their vehicles only is telling of the need for the US government to step in to regulate the advancing industry. Charging needs to be universal, much like filling with gasoine, where any car can go to any station. There ia also a great need for much improved reliablity in charging, but I expect competition will drive that once chargers become ubiquitous.


Worldwide   2021

Gasoline Vehicle Phaseout Advances Around the World has published an article detailing the long list of nations that are phasing out gasoline vehicles. The European Union and many other nations have announced plans to phase out fossil fuel car sales by 2035. The list includes Austria, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Nethelands, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Taiwan, United Kingdom, along with several large cities, states and provinces.


Petaluma, California   March 2, 2021

Bay Area city becomes first municipality in the US to ban new gas stations

By a unanimous vote of its city council Petaluma has become the first municipality in the country to ban the construction of new gasoline stations. The city is targeting zero emissions by 2030.

California city just voted to ban new gas stations as the state eyes an all-electric future


Washington, DC   February 2, 2021

Automakers Drop Efforts to Derail California Climate Rules

Toyota, Fiat Chrysler and several other major automakers said Tuesday they would no longer try to block California from setting its own strict fuel-economy standards, signaling that the auto industry is ready to work with President Biden on his largest effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This comes after General Motors dropped its support for the Trump-era effort just weeks after the presidential election.


Sacrmento, California   September 23, 2020

California Governor Signs Order Banning Sales Of New Gasoline Cars By 2035

Governor Newsom Announces California Will Phase Out Gasoline-Powered Cars with the most aggressive clean-car policy in the United States.


Sonoma County, California

Coalition Opposing New Gas Stations (CONGAS) in Sonoma County

The Coalition Opposing New Gas Stations (CONGAS), a group whose mission is to stop the construction of new gas stations in Sonoma County and its nine cities.


Moss Landing, Monterey County, California

Moss Landing battery storage project set for review by Monterey County Planning Commissiong

On Wednesday, 2/26/20 the commission is scheduled to consider the Elkhorn Battery Storage Facility project proposed for Moss Landing as part of what is being called the largest energy storage project in the world.

City of Petaluma, Sonoma County, California
Petaluma freezes new gas station development. June 7, 2019



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